If you are looking for a specific author search might be your best bet. Some really great lecture series are pulled out below: 


The Powers of the Novel series John Mullan (2021)

The Mysteries of Reading and Writing Belinda Jack

The Mysteries of Writing Poems and Novels Belinda Jack

The Mysteries of Writing Poems and Plays Belinda Jack

The Theatre in London (series - audio and transcript only as old)


Dickens: The Last Decade Michael Slater

Dickens' Public Readings: A Tale of Two Desks Malcolm Andrews 

George Eliot

George Eliot and Relationships Rosemary Ashton

The Romantics

Wordsworth and The Romantics series Jonathan Bate


Classic Shakespeare series Jonathan Bate

Offensive Shakespeare (two lectures)

Literary Londoners

Series (transcripts only) includes Blake, Jonson, Dickens, Donne, Keats

West Indian Writing in Britain (from 1998, transcript only) E A Markham 

Issues and Themes

Cultural Misfits: Gender in Early 20th Century Literature Georgia Johnstone

Speechwriting and Speechmaking

Gresham's historic 'Rhetoric' professorship means we carry quite a bit of material on the art of speechwriting/ making. A couple of really brilliant lectures below: 

Public Speaking Without Fear Alex Edmans

The Art of Rhetoric Simon Lancaster

Speechwriting: Creating Authenticity Simon Lancaster