Suggested lectures for Sixth Form students

Many of our lectures are useful for A-Levels, and also for career and study decisions, for personal statements, for ‘stretch and challenge’ and to those planning to do Extended Project Qualifications (EPQs). We are one of the external organisations recommended by Oxford University for those applying to Oxford.

You can search on our archive, or see the links below to pages about particular subjects (work in progress). Lectures more than 5 years old may have poor video quality, though the transcripts may be a good substitute.

New lectures in 2021-2 for students: 

They include the following:
ASTRONOMY: A series on the History of the Universe called Cosmic Revolutions by Astronomy Professor Katherine Blundell, and The Frontiers of Knowledge by Visiting Professor Roberto Trotta; and Mars Missions 2021: Early Discoveries by Andrew Coates.
BUSINESS / ECONOMICS: in The Principles of Finance, Business Professor Alex Edmans will give a primer on everything from how to save to risk management. A series by Visiting Professor Martin Daunton will look at Three Crises in Capitalism. See also Natural Capital series under Geography.
ENGLISH & MEDIA: The Powers of the Novel by Visiting Professor John Mullan will look at Plot, Coincidences and  Villains; Farah Karim-Cooper will speak on Shakespeare, Race and Performance, the series on How Not To be Human: Exploring Humanity Through Science Fiction will be delivered by Visiting Professor Jim Endersby. In our Media, Trust and Society series, Philip Howard will talk about fighting disinformation on Covid-19.
GEOGRAPHY: Professor Jacqueline McGlade’s series Natural Capital and the Wellbeing Economy will look at how our economy needs to change to guarantee a sustainable future for the planet. There is also a varied series on Natural World: Exploration, Extinction and Adaptation. 
HISTORY:  among the highlights are: The Hidden History of How Protestantism Went Global, by Professor Alec Ryrie, a series on Stuart Britain, a one-off lecture on Holocaust History Under Siege,  and a Black History Month series; and a series on Music under Stalin (see Music). There are also some great Law series (see below).
IT: Professor Richard Harvey’s Six Tech Inventions That Changed the World will talk about IT breakthroughs everyone should know about, like GPS, Compression and Error Control Coding.
LAW / POLITICS / CITIZENSHIP: Race, Colonialism and Power in the Legal System by Professor Leslie Thomas QC, will look at the Immigration Act 1971, the Brixton Riots, Judicial racism and more; The Misrule of Law by Visiting Professor Thomas Grant QC looks at the misuse of law, for example under segregation in the US. Visiting Professor Imogen Goold will discuss Medical Law, including lectures on freezing eggs and fertility treatment. We have two lectures on Europe: Anand Menon on Brexit, and Patricia Clavin on Europe’s Search for Sustainable Security. Finally, the Media, Trust and Society series and the lecture, Does Philanthropy Do the Public Good? may be of interest to Citizenship teachers; along with a series on Religion and Society in the 21st Century (see Religion section). good-philanthropy
MATHEMATICS: Gresham Professor Sarah Hart’s series Geometry: The Mathematics of Art will discuss beauty, perspective and more;  while Hugh Hunt will give a one-off talk on The Maths of Gyroscopes and Boomerangs; and we have an event on Numbers in Different Languages and Cultures.
MEDICINE: Chief Medical Officer for England Professor Chris Whitty will look at Infections and their Routes of Transmission. There's a series on Medical Law. We also have a new series of lectures on Neuroscience: The Brain and the Mind.
MUSIC Professor Marina Frolova-Walker will give a series of lecture-recitals on Music Under Stalin. Visiting Professor Jeremy Summerly will give a series of lectures on Music and Emotion.
RELIGION Three lecturers will explore some current issues in major world religions in Religion and Society in the 21st Century; while our Divinity Professor will look at the work of Protestant missionaries in The Hidden History of How Protestantism Went Global.

Booking free student places at our lectures 

If you are from a UK school and want to bring a school group to one of our free lectures, please get in touch (email as we can usually reserve some places for school parties (most of our lectures are first-come, first-served).

At most lectures we can reserve up to 20 spaces, but occasionally we can do more. You can also sign up for updates about lectures here: Read more about attending here.

We also live-stream all our lectures and leave them online so you can show them again in the classroom or students can watch them in their own time. 

Want to hear a speaker we don’t currently have?

Please do email us ( if there are particular speakers you’d like to see cover topics on the syllabus that would be useful for students in your subject at the moment.

Want a speaker to come to your school?

Some of our Professors are signed up with the charity Speakers For Schools and give free talks in a few schools a year; others have their own initiatives.

Most are doing something so while we can pass your details on to them, we can’t guarantee they will be available.

Professors who currently want to do more work in schools, particularly state schools in London, include Environment Professor Jacqueline McGlade. 

Email us on

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