There are a number of historic books about the College and Sir Thomas Gresham, the books below are currently for sale.

Gresham's Law: The Life and World of Queen Elizabeth I's Banker

By John Guy, Profile Books (2019)

Thomas Gresham was arguably the first true wizard of global finance. He rose through the mercantile worlds of London and Antwerp to become the hidden power behind three out of the five Tudor monarchs. Today his name is remembered in economic doctrines, in the institutions he founded (the Royal Exchange, Gresham College) and in the City of London's position at the economic centre of the earth.

The great Tudor historian John Guy recreates Gresham's life and singular personality with astonishing intimacy. He reveals a survivor, flexible enough to do business with merchants and potentates no matter their religious or ideological convictions. His mind was a calculating engine. Yet his personal relationships were disturbingly transactional.

Smuggler and arms dealer, extortioner backed by royal authority, he was a figure of cold unsentimentality even to members of his own family. Elizabeth I, England's steely young queen, found herself at odds with Gresham's ambitions. In their collisions and wary accommodations, we see our own conflicts between national sovereignty and global capital foreshadowed. A story of adventure and jeopardy, greed and cunning, loyalties divided, mistaken or betrayed, this is a biography fit for a merchant prince. Five hundred years after Gresham's birth, now is the time to reckon up his legacy.

Sir Thomas Gresham and His Vision for Gresham College

By Valerie Shrimplin, Pitkin Publishing (2018)

Thomas Gresham (1519-79) epitomised the spirit of the Tudor period. The son of a Lord Mayor of London, Gresham became one of the most powerful and influential people of the 16th century.

As a financial agent to Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary Tudor and Elizabeth I, and founder of the Royal Exchange, he had a fascinating life and times and left a lasting legacy in Gresham College. This book is an introduction to and celebration of the figure behind the growth and success of the City of London in Tudor England.

A Brief History of Gresham College 1597-1997

By Richard Chartres and David Vermont (Edmundsbury Press, 1998)

Taking stock of Gresham College at its 400th anniversary, this book leads the reader through the development and history of London’s first institution of higher education. Written by a former Professor of Divinity and a former Chairman of Council of the College, this is the insider view of Gresham.