Sheriff Christopher M Hayward CC


Chris Hayward took office as Sheriff of the City of London on 27th September 2019. The ancient office of Sheriff dates back to the 7th century with two Sheriffs elected annually. Chris’s fellow Sheriff is Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli and together they share responsibility for the smooth running of the Central Criminal Court at the Old Bailey and for the provision of facilities for HM Judges to administer justice there. His principal duties are to support the Lord Mayor directly on visits and official functions, which the Lord Mayor undertakes throughout their year of office. Chris also represents the Lord Mayor at City, Livery, Military and charitable events. 

Chris’s business experience extends to Executive and Non-Executive Director roles in the property, infrastructure, planning and strategic communications sectors, providing a strong connection to the issues and concerns of City business.  

Chris has served on the boards of a number of companies over the past 30 years. He is currently a non- executive Director at JBP Associates and Hayward Properties and a Consultant to the global firm of  WSP. International business experience extends to a role on the Advisory Board of the Sichuan Business Association including recent visits to China. Chris also served for eight years on the Council of the Institute of Administrative Management culminating in two years carrying out international graduation ceremonies as its Chairman. In 1995 he was National President of The British Junior Chambers of Commerce. 

He has also been active in his local communities, at home and in the City, having also served in senior roles on two major County Councils, being Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member. 

Furthermore, since his election to the Court of Common Council for the Ward of Broad Street in 2013 he has actively represented the City through policy work, delegations and charitable activity, particularly with International investors and in bilateral meetings with European business leaders and policy makers. He has also served the full term as Chairman of the City’s Planning and Transportation Committee. 

Chris’s involvement with the Livery dates back to 1997 and he served as Master Pattenmaker in 2014/15. He is also a member of the Livery Committee, Court of the Guild of Freemen and Council of the City Livery Club. 

Chris’s wider civic involvement includes the Council of The Royal Society of St George (City Branch), membership of the Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks and the Ward Clubs of Candlewick, Cheap, Coleman Street, Bridge and Broad Street (Past Chairman). He is also Trustee of Barts Hospital Guild and Housing the Homeless Central Fund. 

Outside the City he is a former Deacon of the Incorporation of Bonnetmakers and Dyers of Glasgow and maintains links with Northern Ireland on behalf of the City, supporting charities in and around Londonderry. He has been National President of the British Junior Chambers of Commerce and in 2019 was admitted as an Honorary Bencher of The Inner Temple.